About us

Fast fashion is everywhere, making it affordable for people who appreciate fashion to wear the pieces themselves.  Unfortunately, however, these budget friendly fast fashion clothes often come with a price. Workers are underpaid, lots of these factories use child labor, and the quality of the clothes don't last more than several wears. Of course, we as consumers can pretend to look the other way, but once we found out, we wanted to be part of a movement to stop that. We wanted to create a line that is honest and giving and making a change for a better life. That's why Dani and I created Two Songs. We wanted to create a conscious and ethical line for us and for our friends and our followers around the world. Instead of being an excess, we want the pieces we create be a core basic in everyone's wardrobe.

Every piece is designed, sourced, and made in Los Angeles by workers who are paid fair wages.